Frequency converter for Air-Jet

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  • frequency converter with operating panel
  • lockable main switch with installing CEE-plug
  • sizes depending on ventilation and cooling
  • installed in a steel-box

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Frequency converter
The variable control of a fan is the requirement for an energy-efficient operation of a fan. When the air is regulated only with a throttle valve, the valuable energy will be lost. With our range of frequency converters you have the most suitable converter for each fan type.

2,2 kW 4009015015695 6,8
5,5 kW 4009015015688
7,5 kW 4009015015689
11kW 4009015015690
15,0 kW 4009015015691
18,5 kW 4009015015692
22,0 kW 4009015015693

You can find instruction manuals under the following link: Instruction manuals