There are certain simple pre-separators for different industrial applications possible with our range of cyclones SZ-LB. From circular saws to industrial filters can be equipped with this cyclones.

With our cyclones for the range SZ you have the suitable pre-separator for each type of dedusting in almost all sizes. The cyclones are generally equipped with a tangential inlet, which ensures an excellent separation performance. The cyclones can also be realized in a spiral form inlet.

The separators are available in a left and right version. Accessories such as rain covers are manufactured to fit for each cylone.

light version

The cyclones in the light version are characterized by the simple construction with an excellent separation performance.

The cyclones have a circular inlet pipe and can be connected without great effort at an existing pipeline. The light construction made of 1mm galvanized steel makes it possible to integrate the separator with a clamping ring in pipe systems.

The dust discharge can be provided with FIBC (Big Bag) which would be installed at the discharge pipe. When using a BigBag, the cyclone must be operated on the pressure side. The cyclones in the light version are available from 700 – 4000 m³/h.


heavy version

The SZ cyclones of Schmelzer can be used for nearly all industry dust cases.

There are different cyclone geometries available for volume flow range from 3000 to 60000 m³/h. The series of the cyclone SZ is based on a slot-shaped inlet, optionally it can be realized in a spiral form inlet. The cyclones consist of painted steel sheets. Also Available is the execution in stainless steel, also available in 2K coatings. For preventing such whirls from separated dust, it is possible to install a dust collector with the connection dimensions of a rotary valve. On the cover plate and near the bottom opening, an inspection door is included.Circular flanges are manufactured according to DIN 24154 RII and square flanges to DIN 24193 R 2. The grey area represents a well sizing range in the Q-P-diagram.



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Cyclones are devices which use centrifugal forces to separate solid substances from the air. The separation is based on the principle of the centrifugal separation. Cyclones work in a way that they swirl the air inside with high speeds. Therefore, the solids in the air are pressed from the centre of the cyclone to the outside. The different separated solids then fall into a collecting tank, whereas the clean air is conducted out of the cyclone.

Cyclones can be used for different industrial applications. 

For example, they can be used for the separation of solid particles of a gas flow or to remove dust and other impurities in the air or gases. Cyclones are often used as prefilters to remove rough particles from the gas flows before these are subsequently treated.

Yes, customer-specific designs are possible. Cyclones can be adapted to specific requirements regarding capacity, air volume and other factors. If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Dust particles are separated from the air via centrifugal force. 

The air flow causes that the dust parts are collected at the back wall whereas the clean air flows back out. Cyclones are an effective method to remove dust out of the air and therefore to improve the quality of the indoor air.



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