The modern technology of our machinery is optimized with the help of highly-qualified employees and their qualitative and error-free working.


We design according to the wishes of our customers. With our in-house construction department, the static and design of the plant, we are able to realise complex requirements.


From our 9 locations we have our main productions at the two very modern locations in Germany and the Czech Republic, which are only 60km away from each other.

In the sector of subassembly production Schmelzer is specialized on large dynamically balanced welded units for the automotive industry for example Pickup screws, intake screws and screw conveyors for agricultural harvesting machines like field choppers or combine-harvesters. Furthermore, we also produce oversized laser and edge components up to 6 meters. Even components with highest requirements on welding seams can be realized thanks to our robot and welding certificates.

We are also able to realize small batches if required. Together with our modern and comprehensive machinery which includes two painting cabins each with 400m², a blasting machine with a width of 2000mm, presses and stamping machines, we are able to realize your projects and ideas as requested. With our own tool construction for the production of press and stamping tools you have a qualified and experienced partner at your side in the sector of subassembly production.




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In the sector of assembly production different single components are produced for stock. Later the different prefabricated components are fit together to a larger component. This kind of production is used in case the single subassemblies are required for the manufacturing process of other products. The assembly production reduces the requirement of handling and transport as well as the overall costs of the production. 

The advantages of the assembly production are high flexibility of the storage as well as the quick delivery of the single components. This allows a significant reduction of the throughput and tooling times. Moreover, using components lead to a significant reduction of investment costs, because there are only some single machines or machine groups for their production required. Also, the number of interfaces can be reduced, which has a positive effect on the quality. The modular design of the components enables a high degree of standardisation and therefore a reduction of development costs.

Our main products are joint boxes, residual formworks, fans and telescope ventilation pipes. The assembly production is a process where single parts are fit together to a finished product. This can be done by welding, screwing, rivets or other procedures.

The dynamic balancing machine detects irregularities through fast rotations and indicates which area has to be strengthened. It is used in the production to ensure that the products are of highest quality and to meet the requirements of the customers. Through a rapid detection and correcting of defects a dynamic balancing machine offers an improvement of the efficiency and a reduction of scrap.

The bending press is a bending machine by which metal sheets of different sizes can be curved and can be converted to a 3D form. With the use of a bending punch the sheet material is pressed in a matrix which indicates the bending angle.

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