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Of course, you can also purchase the appropriate connection materials.

Clamping rings

Our pipes with Schmelzer flanged edge can be connected via clamping rings. These clamping rings are equipped with a special swivel lock technology and can thereby be easily fixed.

Galvanised clamping rings are available in diameters from 150mm-400mm.

Advantages of the clamping ring

  • universally usable
  • special swivel lock technology
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • galvanised
  • diameters from 150-400mm

Quick release clamping ring

Quick release clamping rings are suitable for a quick assembly and disassembly. These have a clip lock which overlaps at the ring ends. The lock ensures a quick assembly of the clamping ring and a reliable, strong and tight connection of your pipe elements.

Quick release clamping rings in galvanised version can be produced in diameters of 150-300mm.

Advantages of the quick release clamping ring

  • easy assembly
  • re-tightening in closed state
  • galvanised
  • diameters of 150-300mm
  • easy to open and close

Quick release clamping ring for pipes with beaded flange

Our pipes with beaded flange can be connected via a quick release clamping ring for pipes with beaded flange or a pipe coupling with T-grip.

Advantages of quick release clamping rings for pipes with beaded flange

  • suitable for pipes with beaded flange
  • adjustment to beaded flange
  • galvanised
  • diameters of 250-630mm


Pipes are connected via flanges if they have to withstand high pressures. The flange withstands a high pressure and seals the pipe ends. Pipes are connected via screws, which are plugged together at the fitting flanges through the holes, and nuts.

Flanges can be welded-on or loose. These flanges can not be used for pipes with Schmelzer beaded edge or bead.

Advantages of flanges

  • withstand extreme pressures
  • loose
  • priming coated
  • without seal
  • according to DIN 24154
  • diameters of 162mm-2005mm

Split flange with sealing GS Connect

In agricultural technology, pipes with a flanged edge and a clamping ring connection are largely standardized today. However, clamping rings are unsuitable for large pipe lengths of up to 12 meters due to their low stability.

That is why we have developed a new flange connection that makes it possible to absorb high forces and loads. With this flange connection, standard pipes with flared edges can also be used because the split design of the flange now makes it possible to connect the pipes to one another afterwards.

Advantages of split flange

  • High force absorption of the pipe connection
  • Use of standard tubes with flanged edge
  • Subsequent assembly due to split flange design
  • Avoidance of static charges
  • Optimum centering of the pipes to each other
  • Reduction of one-sided wear
  • Maximum pipe lengths of up to 12 m
  • Pipes with variable wall thicknesses from 2 to 3 mm
  • Pipe diameters from 200 to 400 mm

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Quick release clamping ring with seal ring

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Clamping ring with seal

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Flange Helix-air RII

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Split flange with sealing GS Connect

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