Capacitive level limit switch

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  • precise and reliable capacitive level limit switch
  • usable as full, empty or demand indicator
  • type K4A can also be used in explosive areas
  • vertical, horizontal and non-vertical installation possible
  • maintenance-free
  • pressure area from -1 to 25bar
  • suitable for fabrics with DK > 1,6 for example grain, flour, cement, various granulates, coal or similar
  • protection class IP66

M = Nut

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TypeArticlenumberut mint maxEXThread
K4A 230 4009015015696 20-230VAC 21-45VDC '-30°C '+120°C ATEX II 1/2 D G 1"
K4 230 4009015015697 20-230VAC 21-45VDC '-40°C '+120°C G1"
Nut 4009002015695 G 1"

You can find instruction manuals under the following link: Instruction manuals