Air Box Type 1,0

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Box for ventilation and drying of grain and seed.

Air-Box without hopper! Hopper have to be ordered separately!


  • ventilation and drying with low pressure loss
  • storage of grain and seed
  • content: 1,0m³
  • 2 filled boxes stackable at simultaneous ventilation
  • hopper available made of expanded metal (0,8mm), perforated plates (1,5mm) or unperforated
  • centrical outlet
  • without fan and transition
  • made of galvanized sheet steel
  • transportation with a forklift
  • frame (UG) can be ordered separately

TS = hopper made of expanded metal
TL = hopper made of perforated plates
TU = hopper unperforated

Air Box 1,0 4009099016024  1245 mm 1200 mm 700 mm 1103 mm 183 mm 100°
TS 4009099016025
TL 4009099016026
TU 4009099016027
UG 1,0m³ 4009098015772 1200 mm 1200 mm 1250 mm

You can find instruction manuals under the following link: Instruction manuals