ventilation systems

full-surface aeration floor

Storage hygiene is a very essential topic. This is why aeration floors have been used for decades. The attachment is usually on a substructure made of wood and screwed and uncoated steel sheets. However, this can result in the formation of mold and oxidation residues, which in turn attract insects or other pests.

In addition to good weather and corrosion resistance, our newly developed, full-surface aeration floors also have a smooth surface, which makes surface cleaning easy. Special cleaning flaps even make it possible to clean the floor or the interior space.

However, the greatest advantage of the new full-surface aeration floors is that they can be driven over, for example with a wheel loader.

  • Corrosion and weather resistance
  • Easy cleaning due to smooth surfaces
  • Floor and interior cleaning by cleaning flaps
  • Greater cleanliness and hygiene
  • Higher stability and trafficability (e.g. with wheel loader)
  • Full-surface and variable ventilation from fine seeds to coarse wood chips
  • Efficient ventilation through minimal opening cross-section
  • Specific adaptation of the opening area to the material to be dried
  • Very high air volumes for drying possible
  • Material made of galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets